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  • Vermont Law School
    Join faculty, staff, students, and alumni during Homecoming weekend (June 22-23) to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Environmental Law Center (ELC), with a special tribute to Richard Brooks, founder of the ELC
  • Career Services | Vermont Law School
    Law for the Community and the World Career Services OFFICE OF CAREER SERVICES Judicial Clerkship Guide Login
  • Howard University School of Law
    Faculty Spotlight Professor of Law, Harold A McDougall As the newly-appointed director of the Master of Laws (LL M ) program at Howard University School of Law, Professor Harold McDougall wants to provide support to young "millennial" lawyers
  • The University of Vermont
    Campus Spotlight Join a Historical Tour of UVM Discover the history of New England's fifth oldest university, every Saturday beginning July 7 Tour Information
  • Vermont DMV - Home | Department of Motor Vehicles
    Heatstroke is the leading cause of vehicular non-crash-related deaths for children under 14 In fact, each year, an average of 37 children have died from vehicle heatstroke between 1998-2015
  • Vermont - Home Page | Criminal Justice Training Council
    7 VSA 657 , 13 VSA 1026(a) , 13 VSA 7559(d),(e), and (f) , and 20 VSA 3132 have been added to the Level II scope of practice Find the full scope of practice here
  • LawSchool. com, LawTVs site for law students, lawyers . . .
    Law School Online LawSchool com is where law students, future law students, lawyers, and other legal professionals begin their legal search
  • Cornell Law School | Law School Numbers
    Cornell Law School, located in Ithaca, New York, is a graduate school of Cornell University It is one of the five Ivy League law schools The law school offers four types of law degrees, an array of programs and institutes, and over 120 courses for its students

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