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  • Passport Card - Travel
    The passport card was designed for the specific needs of northern and southern U S border communities with residents that cross the border frequently by land The passport book is the only document approved for international air travel
  • What Is a US Passport Card, and How Can You Get One?
    A passport card is less expensive than a traditional passport book Your first passport card will cost $55 ($40 for children under 16) and will be valid for ten years (five years for children) Renewals cost $30 A traditional passport book costs $135; renewals cost $110
  • Passport Fees - Travel
    Credit cards at U S postal facilities and some other locations U S Passport Renewal Application for Eligible Passport Fees Passport Forms Passport Photos
  • United States Passport Card - Wikipedia
    United States Passport Card The passport card (previously known as the People Access Security Service Card, or PASS Card) is a credit card–sized national identity card and limited travel document produced in the United States The passport card is, like a passport booklet, only issued to U S citizens and non-citizen nationals
  • Information about U. S. Passport Cards - help. cbp. gov
    The U S Department of State (DOS) issues the U S passport book and the U S passport card The passport card is used to enter the United States (U S ) at the land border crossings and sea ports-of-entry from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Bermuda The passport card can also be used for domestic air travel
  • Getting or Renewing a U. S. Passport | USAGov
    Contact the U S Embassy or consulate near you for information and forms to request a passport from outside the U S Items You Need to Apply for a U S Passport Application Form - To complete the application for a passport book, card, or both together, first do one of the following: Fill out the application online
  • U. S. Passport Card: Everything You Need to Know - Condé . . .
    A passport card only applies to land or sea travel to certain locations internationally, which is noted on the back of the card More specifically, it can be used when entering the U S from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda
  • U. S. Passport Card Enhanced Driver License | DMV. ORG
    Requirements for re-entry into the US at land sea crossings Advantages of U S Passport Card Enhanced Driver License how to obtain them

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