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  • Presidential Elections - U. S. Presidents - HISTORY. com
    In 1991 incumbent President George H W Bush’s approval ratings reached 88 percent, the highest in presidential history up to that point But by 1992, his ratings had sunk, and Bush became the fourth sitting U S president to lose re-election In the summer of 1992 Ross Perot led the polls with 39 percent of voter support
  • Presidential Election Facts - U. S. Presidents - HISTORY. com
    With more than two centuries’ worth of U S presidential elections, the historical ledger is filled with an array of facts For example, when Barack Obama was named the 44th president, he was really only the 43rd president because Grover Cleveland is counted twice And with Article II, Section 1
  • Historical U. S. Presidential Elections 1789-2016
    View a map, results and history from each of the 58 prior U S presidential elections
  • List of Presidents of the United States - Wikipedia
    Presidential elections; Midterm William Henry Harrison’s presidency was the shortest in American history Presidents of the United States – Wikipedia
  • Dave Leips Atlas of U. S. Presidential Elections
    Detailed national results of US Presidential Elections from 1789 through 2012, In Hawaii, One Clinton Elector voted for Bernie Sanders for President
  • The Making of the US President: A Short History in Five . . .
    The Making of the US President: A Short History in Five Elections from The University of Edinburgh As Donald Trump takes office as the forty-fifth president of the United States, this course explores presidential elections in historical
  • United States presidential election - Wikipedia
    United States presidential election The election of President and Vice President of the United States is an indirect election in which citizens of the United States who are registered to vote in one of the 50 U S states or Washington, D C cast ballots for members of the U S Electoral College, known as electors
  • U. S. Presidential Fun Facts - National Geographic Kids
    Once in the White House, each President made his mark in different ways In fact, before Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th President, came to office, the White House wasn't even called the White House! People called the building the President's Palace, President's House, and the Executive Mansion Roosevelt officially named it the White House in 1901

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