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  • United States presidential election, 1896 - Wikipedia
    The United States presidential election of 1896 was the 28th quadrennial presidential election, held on Tuesday, November 3, 1896 Former Governor William McKinley, the Republican candidate, defeated Democrat William Jennings Bryan
  • United States presidential election of 1896 | United . . .
    United States presidential election of 1896, American presidential election held on November 3, 1896, in which Republican William McKinley defeated Democrat-Populist William Jennings Bryan The nominations The presidential campaign of 1896 was one of the most exciting in American history The central issue was the country’s money supply
  • William Jennings Bryan presidential campaign, 1896 - Wikipedia
    The 1896 presidential election was close by modern measurements, but less so by the standards of the day, which had seen close-run elections over the previous 20 years McKinley won with 7 1 million votes to Bryan's 6 5 million, 51% to 47%
  • The Election of 1896 [ushistory. org]
    By 1896, the urban forces won Bryan's campaign marked the last time a major party attempted to win the White House by exclusively courting the rural vote The economy of 1896 was also on the upswing Had the election occurred in the heart of the Panic of 1893, the results may have differed Farm prices were rising in 1896, albeit slowly
  • Presidential Election of 1896
    The United States presidential election of November 3, 1896, saw Republican William McKinley defeat Democrat William Jennings Bryan in a campaign considered by historians to be one of the most dramatic and complex in American history
  • Election of 1896: Republican McKinley defeats Democrat Bryan
    Realigning Americ: McKinley, Bryan, and the Remarkable Election of 1896 by R Hal Williams The presidential election of 1896 is widely acknowledged as one of only a few that brought about fundamental realignments in American politics
  • The Election of 1896 - History on the Net
    McKinley won with 276 electoral votes to Bryan's 176, [1896 electoral map] and by a popular vote margin of 51% to Bryan's 47% Bryan did well in the South and the West, but lacked appeal with unmortgaged farmers and especially the eastern urban laborer, who saw no personal interest in higher inflation
  • Presidential Election of 1896: A Resource Guide (Virtual . . .
    The digital collections of the Library of Congress contain a wide variety of material associated with the presidential election of 1896, including photographs, political cartoons, broadsides, newspaper articles, and sheet music

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