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  • Jeremiahs Vanishing New York
    VANISHING MOVING NY Cake, the much-loved cake supply shop on 22nd Street near 6th Avenue is closing its doors "We're Moving," reads a sign in the window
  • McPherson’s Evidence That Doom Doom Doom | Planet 3. 0
    Guy McPherson provides us with 29 reasons we are doomed by 2030 If even one of the 29 were really doom-inducing in that way, that would be very serious, but it turns
    Track 1 from Kermit Unpigged (1994), Jim Henson Records BMG, 74321233382 Track 2 from Rick Wakeman - Return to the Center of the Earth (1998) EMI, 7243 5
  • Current Event: Conformity vs. Individuality | Ms. Gentile . . .
    Current Event Directions: Read the following directions below for your section We are doing this in segments, but ALL classes will have to do this at some
  • hommages | jcdurbant | Page 23
    Et nous aussi nous serons comme toutes les nations …I Samuel 8: 20 Je ne croirai jamais avoir bien entendu les raisons des Juifs, qu’ils n’aient un Etat libre
  • jcdurbant | jcdurbant | Page 53
    On Wednesday, Peter Stefanovic of Australia’s Channel Nine News tweeted: “Hamas rockets just launched over our hotel from a site about two hundred metres away

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