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  • Election News, Polls and Results - 270towin. com
    The latest political news, focusing on elections, election results, polls and race ratings
  • 2018 Senate Election Live Results - 270towin. com
    Live Results shows all races that have been called Forecast takes the Live Results and adds in the Starting Projection for those elections yet to be decided This will let you track how the Battle for Control is playing out At the end, the Live Results and Forecast will be the same For live vote
  • Florida 2016 Election Results | Political Maps
    Florida is the largest swing state of the 2016 election cycle with 29 electoral votes up for grabs updated: November 8, 2016 Florida 2016 Election
  • Political Maps | maps of political trends election results
    maps of political trends and election results, including electoral maps of the 2016 US presidential election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
  • 1992 United States presidential election - Wikipedia
    The 1992 United States presidential election was the 52nd quadrennial presidential election It was held on Tuesday, November 3, 1992 Democratic Governor Bill Clinton of Arkansas defeated incumbent Republican President George H W Bush, independent businessman Ross Perot of Texas, and a number of minor candidates Bush had alienated many of the conservatives in his party by breaking his 1988
  • The Science Of Error: How Polling Botched The 2016 Election
    Hillary Clinton had a wire-to-wire lead in the polls and in the projected election forecast, and was unambiguously defeated in the 2016 election
  • United States presidential election - Wikipedia
    The election of president and vice president of the United States is an indirect election in which citizens of the United States who are registered to vote in one of the 50 U S states or in Washington, D C cast ballots not directly for those offices, but instead for members of the U S Electoral College, known as electors These electors then in turn cast direct votes, known as electoral
  • Electoral-vote. com
    Track the election with a red blue map of the US updated daily using the latest state polls

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